Class 1 Professional

Class 1 Requirements:

  • Minimum Licencing Age: 18
  • Probationary Drivers: Not Eligible

Holders May:

  • Operate any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles other than a motorcycle (Class 6)
  • Hold a learning status of Class 6

Steps To Obtain:

  • Written Exam: To start the process of obtaining your Class 1 drivers licence you must first take the written examination. Come into our office with your identification to take a 30 multiple choice question examination.
    If you wish to come in to write an exam, please ensure that you arrive no later than 30 minutes before we close.
  • Air Brake Certificate: Proof of your compressed air brake, “Q” support or a course culmination testament from an endorsed air powered brake course is required before a street test can be given. This incorporates drivers of homestead vehicles enlisted as tractor-trailers.
  • Road Test: We can book and provide a road test for you.Contact our office for more data or ask a member of our staff to buy your road test.
    A tractor trailer mix with three or more axles, outfitted with air powered brakes for the street test must be given by candidate.
  • Medical Exam: A medical form must be completed by your family doctor to insure the safety of you and others around you on the road. You can download and print this medical form here.

When you are ready to re-class your licence to a Class 1, come into our Gold Key Registries office with all the documents mentioned above and our friendly staff will assist you.