We’re excited to announce a partnership between Ice Hockey Sports Club and your Local Registry, aimed at fostering both road safety and community development. This initiative is more than just about driving; it’s about driving change!

For every vehicle registered through our special HockeySports-Local Registry link, the Local Registry is generously donating $3 to Hockey Sports Club Calgary. This means your routine vehicle registration can now play a crucial role in supporting our community’s youth.


Renew Your Registration Online Now

Why Support Hockey Sports Club Calgary?

Hockey Sports Club Calgary stands as a pillar of athletic excellence and personal growth for our youth. By channeling funds into this organization, we’re doing much more than supporting a sports club; we’re investing in the cultivation of teamwork, discipline, and resilience. These young athletes are not only learning about the game of hockey; they are also acquiring life skills that will serve them well beyond the rink.

Make A Difference In Your Community!

Your support is crucial in shaping the lives of these aspiring athletes. Each vehicle registration plays a vital role in ensuring that Hockey Sports Club Calgary continues to provide a nurturing and empowering environment for our youth. Here’s how you can help:

Spread the word within your community. Every vehicle registration can make a huge difference!

Show your support on social media with #DriveForHockeyCalgary. Let’s get others involved in this important cause.

We are grateful for your role in paving the way towards a stronger, more vibrant future for our young athletes. Your contribution is more than just a registration; it’s a beacon of hope for the next generation of hockey stars.

Renew Your Registration today and be a part of this impactful journey.