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The Government of Alberta has re-privatized certain classes of road tests in Alberta, including Class 5E and Class 6E and has launched a new online system.

The rest of the classes (Class 1, 2, and 3) are not privatized and so the bookings will remain with the Government of Alberta.


The cost to get a road test in Alberta (by class category) are listed below.

Road Test Prices, by Class Category

  • Class 5E: $208
  • Class 6E: $210

It’s a driver’s responsibility to read the terms and conditions of the road test that they have signed up for. No refunds will be available for a person who books the wrong test. Please refer to the Alberta Driver Examiner to view the details of which class to pick.

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No services are available over the phone,  but some services are now available online at goldkeyregistry.com otherwise they must be done in person