Vehicle Licensing

There are many forms of vehicle licensing in Alberta. Pick a section below to find out more.

License Plates

Whether you’re a veteran or simply want to customize your plate.

A customized plate is a great choice, this segment will direct you about license plates in Alberta.

  • Veteran’s plates
  • Personalized plates
  • Plate transfers
  • Trailer plates

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Vehicle Information Reports

Buying a new vehicle in Strathmore?

If you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle, consider a Vehicle Information Report to make sure you’re making the right choice.

  • Liens registered to the vehicle
  • Vehicle status (written off, salvaged, etc.)
  • When and where the vehicle was registered

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New Vehicle Registration

Be prepared to know the things you need in order to register your vehicle

  • What to bring to the registry
  • Things you should know
  • Cost of registering a new vehicle

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Skip the line and renew online:

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Vehicle Registration Renewals

Renewing your registration

  • Know what to bring
  • Insurance requirements
  • Cost of renewing your registration

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Out of Province Registrations

What you need in order to register an out of province (OOP) or out of country vehicle.

  • Requirements to apply
  • Request for inspection
  • Registration

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Disabled Placards

Find the information you need to know about short term and long term disabled placards, forms needed and charges

  • Application forms
  • Information in Alberta

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Commercial Plates

Commercial plate licencing for business owners, contractors, and self-employed individuals.

  • Prorate
  • Class 1 commercial licence plates ( Professional transportation)
  • Class 2 licence plates (Farming & delivery)

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In-Transit Permits

Don’t have registration to move your vehicle?

Look into an in-transit permit

  • Information about in-transit permit
  • Find out what an in-transit permit covers and how to get one

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Did you know?

Wheatland and Rocky View Counties are Changing your Rural Mailing Addresses.

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