Birth Certificates

Here at Gold Key Registries we can order Birth Certificates directly from Vital Statistics.

We can order 2 types of certificates that are related to birth:

  • Birth Certificates – Information on this certificate includes the individual’s place of birth, full legal name, birth date, and the parent’s legal names (both framing and wallet sizes are available)
  • Photocopy of a registration of birth – This document is a photocopy of the registration form that the parents filled out in the hospital. This information can contain information such as time of birth, etc.

Who can order a Birth Certificate:

  1. Person who is on the birth registration
  2. Parent(s) of the individual on the birth registration
  3. A person with power of attorney, guardian or trustee
  4. Order from the court
  5. A person adopting a child (proof of pending adoption is required)
  6. Legal representative who requires it for official duties (proof is required)
  7. Any person who requires it to comply with the child welfare act or the parentage maintenance act. (proof is required)
  8. Adult next of kin
  9. Executor of the persons estate

Identification is required for all certificates ordered

Please allow 3 to 5  business days for delivery to your mailing address.