Out of Province Registrations

What you need to register an out-of-province (OOP) or out-of-country vehicle:

Step One: Request for Inspection

  1. Proof of ownership. (title/previous registration/bill of sale)
  2. Identification (example: Valid Driver’s Licence)
  3. Customs form #1 (out-of-country vehicles only)

Bring these documents to the office and request an out-of-province inspection form.

Step Two: Registration

  1. VALID Alberta insurance in the name of the registered owner(s)
  2. Mechanical Inspection Form (from certified mechanic). This form is only valid for 14 days from the date of completion.
  3. Identification (example: Valid Driver’s Licence)
  4. Proof of ownership. (title/previous registration/bill of sale)
  5. Customs form #1 (out-of-country vehicles only)
  6. Authorization form if necessary – See clerk for more details

OOP/Salvage Vehicle Inspection Stations:


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