Alberta Health

First Application

If you are moving to Alberta, check here for information on how to first apply for your ABHC.

Making Changes/corrections

Are you currently covered but you have moved, been married, had kids or have family arrive from out of province?
Click here to see what you need to do to update your health care information.

  • Address
  • Name
  • Add Spouse or Dependants

Replacing my Health Care Card

Did you lose your wallet? Was it stolen? Did it have your health care card?
To obtain a replacement card we require Government ID with your name and birth date, such as:

  • DL
  • Birth cert
  • Passport

What to do if my coverage has expired?

Did you go to your Doctor only to find out that your coverage has lapsed? Click here to find out how to reapply.

Alberta Seniors Benefits and Medication Coverage

Did you just turn 65? Enrollment in Seniors Blue Cross Coverage is not automatic.
Click here to see what you need to provide for enrollment. To be enrolled into seniors blue cross you are required to provide proof of your age. We would accept the following documents as proof of age:

  • Birth Certificate; or
  • Passport

If you do not have either of these you can always order one from your province of birth by following the links on how to order a birth certificate