Marriage Documents

Congratulations on your engagement! Before you get married in Alberta you should make sure you have everything you need.

Marriage Licences

Click here for information regarding all the steps necessary and how to prepare before you come in to obtain your marriage licence.

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Marriage Certificates

After you’re married, you may need to obtain a marriage certificate. If you wish to change your name, this may be what you are looking for.
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Marriage Licences

Congratulations on your engagement!

Before you get married in Alberta you must purchase a marriage licence.

Below are some requirements:

  • Both parties to the marriage must apply together for their marriage licence.
  • Both parties must provide valid identification. (2 pieces)
  • For licence to be valid you must be married within 90 days from the issuing of the marriage licence and must be married within the borders of Alberta .
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. (Persons under the age of 18 must obtain consent to marry. Consent forms for minors are available here at Gold Key Registries).
  • If the marital status of either party to the marriage is divorced copies’ of the final court documentation is required.
  • The bride and groom cannot be related. Federal legislation prohibits people from marrying if they are related linearly or as brother and sister, whether by whole blood, half blood or by adoption. Specifically: a woman may not marry her grandfather, father, grandson, son or brother. A man may not marry his grandmother, mother, granddaughter, daughter or sister.
  • If either party is not fluent in English, they must provide a certified translator/interpreter who is over the age of 18 and is fluent in English as well as the language he/she is translating. Some questions that will be asked when you visit our office:
  • Full name, address, and place of birth of the bride and groom.
  • Full name, address, and place of birth of the bride and grooms parents.

Marriage Certificates

If you wish to take your husband or wife’s last name or wish to have a combination of the two, you may be required to submit a marriage certificate from Vital Statistics. Driver’s licences, bank accounts, credit cards and taxation offices may require this certificate as proof that you and your spouse are married.

Who can order a marriage certificate

  1. A person whose marriage is registered
  2. An individual with written authorization
  3. Legal representative who requires it for official duties (proof is required)
  4. An individual with an order from the court
  5. A person with power of attorney, guardian or trustee
  6. Any adult next of kin of the decease bride or groom
  7. The executor of the estate

Steps to obtain your Marriage Certificate

  1. Come to the Gold Key Registries office with personal identification.
  2. Provide our staff with your contact information as well as your marriage information, such as date, place of marriage, full names of bride and groom.
  3. At Gold Key Registries we have the ability to order your marriage certificate with Vital Statistics right on line. This can speed up the ordering process greatly.

Please allow one to three business days for delivery of your certificate

Once your certificate has arrived we will contact you. Please pick up your certificate at our Gold Key Registries office. Before doing so, you must provide identification so that we can verify your identity.