Vehicle Information Reports

Vehicle Information Report for Used Cars

A Vehicle Information Report may be very useful when buying a used car.
This report can help you make a decision based on the history of the vehicle, and give you valuable information such as:

  1. When it was first registered in Alberta
  2. The status of the vehicle (written-off, salvaged, active)
  3. Where it has been registered in Alberta
  4. How many times it has been registered to a new owner in Alberta
  5. Vehicle description
  6. Odometer reading (if available)
  7. Number of liens registered to the vehicle but not any specific lien information.

(To obtain specific lien information, a lien search must be submitted)

To obtain a Vehicle Information Report:

  • Obtain the VIN or serial number of the vehicle you wish to search
  • Come into the Gold Key Registries office and provide our staff with this serial number

Carfax Canada

A great supplement to the Vehicle Information Report is a CarProof report, which could reveal additional information not provided in the Vehicle Information Report.

Please note:

Because of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, names and personal information of the vehicle’s current and previous owners are restricted and cannot be included in the report.

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