Death Certificates

Alberta Vital Statistics maintains a record of all deaths that occur in Alberta and can only issue certificates/documents for events that occurred in Alberta.

Who can apply for a Death Certificate:

  • Next of kin
  • A person who has power of attorney, gaurdian, or trustee
  • A person who has written authorization from next of kin
  • The legal representative who requires it for official duties
  • Executor of the deceased
  • Funeral home representative
  • Persons with an order from the court

There are 3 Death Certificates available:

  1. Certified Large Size Certificate of Death
  2. Photocopy of Registration of Death
  3. Photocopy of a medical certificate of death
    This is a photocopy of the Medical Certificate of Death completed at the time of death, usually by the attending physician or medical examiners office as is appropriate.

Steps to obtain a Death Certificate:

  1. Come to the Gold Key Registries office with personal identification and any other legal documents than may be required as proof.
  2. Provide our staff with your contact information as well as the deceased information, such as birth date, full legal name and date and place of death.
  3. At Gold Key Registries we have the ability to order your death certificate with Vital Statistics right on line. This can speed up the ordering process greatly us today at 403-221-7800 to get started!

Please allow one to two business days for delivery of your certificate

Once your certificate has arrived we will contact you. Please pick up your certificate at our Gold Key Registries office. Before doing so, you must provide identification so that we can verify your identity.