New Vehicle Registrations

You just bought a new car, and you’re eager to get behind the wheel. Did you know you need insurance coverage, by law, and you must register your vehicle before your first official drive?

Thankfully, it’s easy to register your vehicle when you visit our local registry.

Let’s go over the registration steps:

Steps to Register a New Vehicle

  1. Get the right insurance coverage from your insurance company. We can’t register your vehicle without your insurance documents, due to government regulations. If you need help with your insurance options and Need A Quote, we can help you today.
  2. Obtain the original Bill of Sale or lease agreement from the vehicle’s seller to prove you own the vehicle. Due to government regulations, your vehicle must be registered under the name(s) listed on the Bill of Sale. The original New Vehicle information statement (NVIS) is required on brand new vehicles.
  3. Visit the GoldKey Registry office. Our friendly staff can assist you register your new vehicle. If you do not have an updated licence plate or wish to buy a new one, our team can help you.

If you have recently purchased a new vehicle, by law, you must have it registered.

Already Have a Vehicle Plate?

If you already have a license plate with current registration, you can use it for your new vehicle. Our team members are happy to help you exchange your plate and answer any questions.

Who Needs to Register the Vehicle?

Suppose two people are on the Bill of Sale or lease agreement and only one person can be present at the time of registration. In that case, an authorization form is available for the person(s) who are not present to consent to the registration on their behalf.

How Much Does it Cost to Register your Vehicle?

The cost to register a new vehicle is based on a prorated system. Please visit our office for pricing information, and we’ll help you find out what it will cost you to register your vehicle. We will ask you the first letters of your last name.