Online Vehicle Registration Renewal

Welcome to our online vehicle registration renewal service where we offer easy processing of your renewal and delivery straight to your door.


  • This service is for Alberta renewals only, and all vehicles must have valid insurance coverage.
  • Online service can not be used to get new plates. New plates will have to be acquired in person at a registry.
  • A copy of the Registration Certificate will be mailed to the registered address you provide to GoldKey Registry.
  • Outstanding fines will need to be paid before completing the renewal. A payment request will be emailed to you if this applies.
  • To renew commercial vehicles, the company must maintain an active and good-standing corporate registration. While the registry does not mandate it, a Safety Fitness Certificate is necessary for operating certain vehicles. Online renewals are available for a term of one year only. For other renewal periods, please visit a registry office.
  • Your information is saved on our server as you enter it.