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Know All About Chestermere Registry Services

Know All About Chestermere Registry Services

What is a Registry Service? 

A place for keeping official records or a book, system, or method to keep them. 

They offer services such as vehicle registration renewal online, driver licensing and driving tests, personal property searches, and registrations. They also offer services such as land title searches and vital statistics. 

Personal Property Services 

A lien is a legal claim that a creditor can have on the property or assets of another person. A lien could be a legal interest or right that a creditor may have in another person’s property. 

You can search for personal property in Chestermere using a registry service. This includes serial number search, business name, and individual name. 

Marriage certificate/license 

Before you can legally marry, you will need to obtain a Chestermere registration service marriage license. A marriage certificate shows that the person performing your wedding has met all legal marriage requirements. Chestermere has a registry agent that can issue marriage licenses. 

Two parts of a document can be issued by a registry agent: 

  • The top is a Registration to Marry 

  • the bottom is the Marriage License 

The entire document must be given to the person performing your wedding. This document is legally binding and must be kept in good order. 


Another service that Chestermere Registry offers is obtaining a marriage license. Only with the proof of a legal representative, a certificate can be issued. 

Birth certificate 

A Chestermere registry service issues two types of birth certificates 

  1. Birth certificates with information on the certificate include information such as the person’s birthplace, full name, and birthdate as well as parent’s names (both wallet size and framing). 
  1. Photocopy of a Birth Registration which is a photocopy of the registration form parents completed at the hospital. This information can include information such as birth date, etc. 

A wide range of information can be included in a birth record. It is up to the parents whether they should be included. Different organizations may require different types of birth certificates.  

Certificates of death 

There are 3 death certificates: 

  1. Certificate of death for large-sized victims 
  1. Photocopy of Death Registration 
  1. Photocopy of a Medical Certificate of Death. (A photocopy of the Medical Certificate of Death is taken at the time of death by the attending physician, or the medical examiners, as appropriate. 

Name changes 

To legally change your surname, Vital Statistics must be applied for. It is also necessary to submit fingerprints. If the applicant is less than 18, the fingerprint form will not be required. A fingerprint form is not required if the applicant is younger than 18. 

Corporate Services 

Chestermere registry services could offer: 

  • Incorporation 

  • Maintaining a corporation 

  • Modifying a company 

  • Dissolution of an organization 

  • Reviving a company 

  • Searches on NUANs 

  • Trade name registration 

  • Corporation detail searches 

  • Annual returns 

Chestermere Corporate Registry Services can assist you in registering an extra-provincial business or incorporating a new company. Incorporation is the legal process for forming a corporation. It legally and economically separates the company owner and its shareholders. It can also register an additional provincial corporation and amalgamation. 

Why should you incorporate your business? 

You can create a brand identity by registering your business name. Registering your business name allows you to verify that it is not identical to any trademarks or company names. 

With corporate registration, you will be subject to a lower tax rate if you register your business in Canada. You will pay more personal income taxes if your small business is a partnership or sole proprietorship. Profits from your small business will be treated differently from other income levels because they are your income. 

Furthermore, low net effective tax rates provide a favorable environment for start-ups and businesses. Credit is also available at very low rates for businesses and many investment options. 

In addition, it is possible to register your business at the federal level and keep the same entity name throughout the country, regardless of location or type. This is particularly useful for industries looking to expand, such as retail or warehousing. 

Finally, you might need a company bank account to receive payments, pay suppliers, and keep your business separate. You may also need business credit to cover expenses or to obtain a loan to expand. You will need to prove that your business is viable before you can apply for financial services. To prove your identity, you can use the registration number. 

Chestermere Health Care 

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, (AHCIP), includes registration and updating of information 

These services can also be provided by Chestermere registry agent: 

  • Register consent to donate organs and tissue 
  • Register consent for organ donation 


Now that you know all about Chestermere registry services, you can prepare your documents and visit our GoldKey Registry offices in Strathmore!