Chestermere Registry Services

GoldKey is proud to offer its registry services in Chestermere. With roots in Strathmore, GoldKey Registry has been working to offer great, fast, and friendly services to residents for well over 30 years. We are made up of a team of knowledgeable and experienced agents who have the capability to provide you with exceptional service that is always of the highest quality.  

As an authorized agent for Alberta’s Registries, GoldKey is proud to offer a huge variety of services in Alberta and Chestermere, including licensing and registration for motor vehicles, vital statistics, Alberta Health, full corporate registry services, and land titles. You can renew registrations online, discuss with our experienced agents (who have a combined experience of over 75 years) or enter or registry in-person, depending on your needs and time.  

What We Offer in Chestermere

GoldKey offers a huge variety of registration needs in Chestermere, including our three basic services, as detailed below 

Vital Statistics 

Have you just experienced a major life event? If so, GoldKey can provide you all the necessary information you need to get your required documents. As a trusted Chestermere registry, depend on GoldKey to help you acquire your marriage license, marriage certificate, legal name changes, birth certificate, and more. 

Corporate Services

Want assistance with annual returns, trade names, corporate searches, or incorporation registration? We’ve got your back. At GoldKey, we offer a full array of corporate services in Chestermere. 

Alberta Health 

Are you moving to Alberta for the first time and want to acquire your Alberta Health Card? Do you need to replace your existing ABHC? Need to make changes regarding your name, address or dependants? No worries.   is here to help out with all your Alberta Health needs. 

Motor Vehicle Services 

If you want to come in to register your new vehicle, renew your driver’s license or even your registration, check out GoldKey’s Registry Services in Chestermere.  

Land Titles 

Acquire historical and current titles, document copies and plans here. GoldKey Registry will be able to provide you with copies of various documents pertaining to certain land titles 

FAQs about GoldKey Registry in Chestermere 

Here are some answers to some of GoldKey Registry’s frequently asked questions about its registry services in Chestermere. We are happy to answer any additional inquiries you may have to do with our offerings over the phone, or in-person.  

Can I incorporate a business in Chestermere with GoldKey? 

Yes! It’s a simple 6-step process when you choose GoldKey for registering your Chestermere business.  

  1. Choose a name for your business or use a numbered company. 
  2. File for a NUANS report, which ensures that your company will not share the same name as another corporation and reserves your chosen name for 90 days. If you are registered as a company that will be “numbered,” you don’t need to complete this step. 
  3. Fill out articles of incorporation, either at the registry or virtually. 
  4. Register your official (Alberta) address in a Notice of Address. This ensures that any legal documents will be sent to this address. 
  5. Register a director in a Notice of Directors. Note you must appoint or elect at least one director. 
  6. Finally, submit your application package at GoldKey Registry! This includes articles of incorporation, notice of directors, notice of address, valid ID and fee payment, NUANs reports, and so forth. 

If you should need further assistance, we offer corporation dissolution services at GoldKey Registry. 

What is “NUANS?”  

NUANS stands for Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search. A NUANS report is essentially used to compare a suggested corporation or entity name with a larger database of Canadian/Albertan corporations, to ensure that there are no doubles. They are required when incorporating, except for when you are using a numbered company. 

Can I submit an annual return at GoldKey Registry in Chestermere? 

Yes! You can submit an annual return with GoldKey. An annual return is basically a notification to the Government of Alberta that your business is still alive and operating in the province. With an annual return, you may also update other important information such as changes of directions or addresses. Note that this is not the same as your tax return. An annual return can be submitted with the following steps, as written: 

  • Acquire all shareholder information, including contact info and the percentage of issued voting shares, etc. 
  • Fill out the annual return form. You can get one at the registry or online. 
  • Submit your annual return and pay the service fees. You’ll need to provide valid identification. 

Areas GoldKey Registry Provides Services

Other than Chestermere, you can find GoldKey Registry and benefit from its services in any of the following regions in Alberta: 

  • Rockyford 
  • Standard 
  • Beiseker 
  • Indus 
  • Drumheller 
  • Bassano 
  • Vulcan 
  • Brooks 
  • Airdrie 
  • Irricana 
  • Arrowwood 
  • Acme 
  • Linden 
  • Three Hills 
  • Trochu 

GoldKey Registry is only a half hour drive from Chestermere and has years of experience serving Chestermere and the surrounding area. Come on in for when you need to renew a registration, register a brand new vehicle, renew your driver’s license, and more. We’re always here to help.