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Your Guide to Strathmore Registry Services

Strathmore Registry Services

There are certain things you must come to know as you become an adult such as insurance, the stock market, and registry services. 

Registry services are an integral part of every person’s life from birth to after their death. 

It’s where all data of citizens is registered and recorded throughout the years. 

This is where we dive into the Strathmore registry service and what it could do for you. 

What is A Registry Service? 

A place to keep official records, or a book or system to keep an official record. People can also be included in registry data, such as e.g. Volunteers, on-call nurses, and people with access and functional needs can all be included in the registry data items. 

Registry agents are government representatives who offer information and registration services. 

Registry agents provide services like vehicle registration renewal, driver licensing and driving tests, personal property searches, and registrations. They also offer land title searches, vital statistics, and Alberta Health Care registration. 

What Does a Registry Service Include? 

Personal Property Services 

A lien is a legal right that a creditor holds on the property of another person or company. A lien can be a legal right or interest that a creditor has in another person’s property. 

A registry service in Strathmore can help you search for personal property, such as serial number search, business name, and individual name before purchasing a business property. 

Marriage license/certificate 

Before you get married, you’ll need to get a marriage license through a Strathmore registry service. 

A marriage license shows the person performing your marriage has met all legal marriage requirements in Alberta. 

A registry agent office in Strathmore can issue marriage licenses. 

A registry agent issues two parts of a document. The top is a Registration for Marriage, and the bottom is the marriage license. 

The complete document must be provided to the person performing your marriage. This document is legal and must be preserved in good condition. 

After your marriage license is acquired, the next service offered by a Strathmore Registry service is getting a marriage certificate which is issued only with proof that a legal representative has requested it. 

Birth certificate 

There are two types of birth certificates issued by a Strathmore registry service: 

  • Birth Certificates

    Information on this certificate includes information such as the person’s birthplace, full legal name, birthdate, and parent’s legal names (both wallet and framing sizes) 

  • Photocopy of a Registration of Birth

    This is a photocopy of the registration form the parents completed in the hospital. This information may include information such as the time of birth, etc. 

The amount of information on a birth certificate varies. It is up to you whether the parent’s information should be included. Different organizations may require a different type of birth certificate. All certificates are certified extracts from the original Registration of Birth. 

Death Certificates 

There are 3 Death Certificates available: 

  • Certified Large Size Certificate of Death 
  • Photocopy of Registration of Death 
  • Photocopy of a medical certificate of death (A photocopy of the Medical Certificate Of Death is taken at the time of death by either the attending physician or the medical examiners as appropriate.) 

Legal name changes 

You must apply to Vital Statistics to legally change your name. You must also submit fingerprints. The fingerprint form is not required if the applicant is younger than 18. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Alberta. 

Corporate Services 

Corporate registration in Strathmore may include: 

  • Incorporation 
  • Maintaining a corporation 
  • Modifying a corporation 
  • Dissolution of a company 
  • Reviving a company 
  • Searches for NUANs 
  • Trade name registration 
  • Corporation detail searches 
  • Annual returns 

Strathmore Registry Services can help you register an extra-provincial company or incorporate a new business. Incorporation refers to the legal process of forming a corporation. It legally and financially separates the company and its owner. It can also register an extra-provincial corporation or amalgamation. 

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Alberta Health Care 

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP), services include registration and updating of information 

These services can be provided by Strathmore registry agents: 

  • Registering consent to donate organs and tissues 
  • Register consent to donate organs for medical education 

Strathmore Registry Service can be needed for the following scenarios: 


  1. You were covered but you moved, got married, had children, or had relatives who have arrived from outside the province.
  2. Your wallet was lost or stolen along with your health card. Strathmore Registry Services can obtain a replacement card with a Government ID with your name, birth date, and birth date.
  3. You went to the doctor only to discover that your insurance had expired.


Now that you know all about Strathmore registry services, head down to our GoldKey Registry offices to get your licenses!