Chestermere Corporate Registry

Gold Key Registry offers a full range of corporate registration services for Chestermere businesses, including NUANS searches and assistance with annual returns.

Corporate Registration Services in Chestermere

Here at Gold Key Registry, we can help you with your corporate registration needs in Chestermere, including:

  • Incorporation
  • Maintenance of a corporation
  • Amending a corporation
  • Dissolving a corporation
  • Reviving a corporation
  • NUANs searches
  • Trade name registration
  • Corporation detail searches
  • Annual returns

Contact us today at 403-934-5959 or visit our office to take care of your Chestermere corporate registration needs.

Incorporation in Chestermere

Looking to start a business in Chestermere? We can help you with incorporation. This is the legal process to start a corporation and separates the owners and/or investors legally and financially from the business.

You can also register an extra-provincial corporation or amalgamation at Gold Key Registry.

Maintenance of Corporations in Chestermere

We can assist with the maintenance of your business in Chestermere. We provide:

  • Certificate of status
  • Certified copy of information
  • Certified copy of microfilm or digital document
  • Certified copy of transactions
  • Annual return assistance

Contact us if you need any help with registry-related corporate maintenance for your Chestermere business.

Amending a Corporation in Chestermere

We can help you amend your Chestermere corporation, including:

  • Adding, updating or removing corporation attorneys, directors, shareholders, receiver and record keepers
  • Change jurisdiction for Alberta or extra-provincial companies
  • Change the corporation’s name, status or address
  • Register an amalgamation

Dissolving a Corporation in Chestermere

If you’re dissolving your Chestermere corporation, we can help you file the appropriate paperwork and issue a certificate of dissolution.

Reviving a Corporation in Chestermere

Gold Key Registry can help you with the process of reviving a corporation in Chestermere.

NUANs Searches and Reports

A NUANS search checks a suggested corporate name to a database of existing corporate names. If the suggested name has not been taken, it will be reserved for a period of 90 days. This is part of the incorporation process.

A NUAN report is part of your incorporation documents if you do not wish to incorporate with a name. Otherwise, a numbered company will represent the legal business entity.

We can take care of NUAN searches and reports on your behalf at Gold Key Registry.

Corporate Name Registration in Chestermere

If you are creating or renaming a business in Chestermere, we can help. Our corporate registration services include:

  • Trade/corporate name registration
  • Register an English/French name equivalency
  • Register or cancel an extra-provincial assumed name

Corporation Detail Searches in Chestermere

If you’re looking for information on registered corporations, partnerships, trade names, and on-profits, our Chestermere corporate registry services searches can help. We provide:

  • Current searches
  • Historical searches
  • Certificates of status
  • Certified copy of information
  • Certified copy of transaction

Chestermere Corporate Annual Returns

Every business in Chestermere must file an annual return on the anniversary of the incorporation date. The process is as followed:

  • You will be mailed a pre-printed form from the government.
  • Go to a registry to file this form within 18 months of the incorporation anniversary.
  • If you fail to file your annual return within 18 months of the incorporation anniversary date, your corporation will be dissolved.
  • If you did not receive this form, please contact us. We can provide the form as well as assist in filing it.

Corporate Registry Fees in Chestermere

A portion of our fees are set and collected by the Government of Alberta for many corporate registration services in Chestermere. Registry fees vary depending on the complexity of the task.

How much do corporate registration services cost in Chestermere?

The cost of corporate registration services in Chestermere depends on the individual service. Some services have a set government fee while others do not. We price our services based on their complexity.

How much does it cost to register a corporation in Chestermere?

The cost of registering a corporation in Chestermere is $590.00 with a minute book or $464 without a book.

How much does it cost to file an annual return in Chestermere?

As of March 2020, filing an annual return in Chestermere costs $70. The Government of Alberta has a set fee of $50.00 for this service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Registry Services in Chestermere

Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about corporate registration services in Chestermere.

What is a corporate search?

A corporate search is a search done through a database of current and historical corporations. You can find out a corporation’s registered name and address.

How do I incorporate a business in Chestermere?

Here is the process of incorporating a business in Chestermere:

  1. Choose a name (or use a numbered company).
  2. Get a NUANS report. This ensures your company will not share the same name as another corporation. This report will also reserve your chosen name for 90 days. If you are registering as a numbered company, you can skip this step.
  3. Fill out the Articles of Incorporation. You can get these online or at the registry.
  4. Register your official address in a Notice of Address. It will need to be in Alberta. This is the address any legal documents will be delivered to.
  5. Register a director in a Notice of Directors. You’ll need appoint or elect at least one.
  6. Submit your application package at Gold Key Registry. It should include your articles of incorporation, notice of address, notice of directors, NUANS report, valid ID and fee payment.

We provide corporation dissolution services at Gold Key Registry to help you with this process.

How do I revive a corporation in Chestermere?

To revive a corporation in Chestermere, you’ll need to:

  1. Fill out the applicable forms. This includes the Articles of Revival, Notice of Address, Notice of Directors, and Annual Return.
  2. Get a NUANS report if the corporation has been dissolved for 3 or more years.
  3. Visit Gold Key registry to submit your application and pay any applicable fees.

What does NUANS stand for?

NUANS stands for Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search.

What is a NUANS report?

A NUANS report compares a suggested corporation name with a large database of Albertan and Canadian corporations.

Why do I need a NUANS report?

A NUANS report is required when incorporating (unless you’re using a numbered company) as you cannot incorporate with the same or very similar name as another existing corporation.

What is an annual return?

An annual return is essentially notification to the Government of Alberta that your business is still operating in the province. You can also update other important information like changes to directors or the corporation’s address. It is not the same thing as your tax return.

How do I submit an annual return?

You can submit an annual return at Gold Key Registry. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Gather shareholder information including their names, addresses and the percentages of issued voting shares.
  2. Fill out an annual return form. This is available online or at the registry.
  3. Submit your annual return with valid identification and pay the service fees.

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